Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Great British Secret Episode 1 Hush BDSM

Sunday Sin Club

GD liked Sundays best when there was imminent sin.
The desire to misbehave went way back to her zealously religious father who got out a bible every Sunday and disallowed any fun as it was 'Gods Day'.

GD wanted to fuck God good and hard like a bitch. Make him bleed.

from the Great British Secret by Pasha du Valentine
(c) Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine
all rights reserved

Saturday, 21 October 2017

The Great British Secret TV Show

The wonderful sexy people to guest on the first episode of 
my new TV show are Poppy and Kensington.
The Great British Secret gets personal with the people of Britain
and asks what do they get up to behind closed doors?
The show will go live late on Sunday after the watershed.
Pleas follow the blogs to get updates of the shows.

Poems of Love and Desire by Pasha du Valentine

The Golden Dominatrix Quotes

'I like a bit of a fight, no one wants a pushover. Pushovers and wimps don't excite me one bit. I want some spunk, but not too much. Somewhere between a doormat and a wrestler. Tough love.'

from the Great British Secret by Pasha du Valentine
(c) Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine 2017

Poems of Love and Power by Pasha du Valentine

Where do you go to my lovely
When you're alone in my bed?
Tied up
And Buggered?

What goes on in your head?

Where do you go to my lovely
When all of my lust has expired?
And used
And abused?

What remain of your desires?

(c) Pasha du Valentine
all rights reserved

Quotes from The Golden Dominatrix

'.....I'm not perfect' she lied.

from The Great British Secret by Pasa du Valentine
(c) Goddamn media/Pasha du Valentine

The Golden Dominatrix and Keep Fit

There was always a wave of deep disappointment when a fat man arrived at the dungeon.

GD's heart would sick. They always took more of a whipping. Once she had broken a whip an a twenty stoner! He had to pay; it was ivory and gold inlaid, very rare. Plus she had been angry so he paid in bleeding gashes as well.

Bertrand (who the fuck calls their son Bertrand she wondered) needed some time on a treadmill, probably around 5 years.

He was walking about the dungeon on all fours with his ball gag and blind fold. He kept crashing into things as stomach swung from side to side.

GD sighed and picked up the dog lead.

She undid her zipper on the crotch of her leather outfit and sprayed some squirty cream over her vulva. Bertrand was partial to squirty cream and there were worse ways to spend a Saturday. 

from the Great British Secret by pasha du Valentine
(c) Goddamn Media/Pasha du Valentine
all rights reserved

Friday, 20 October 2017

Goddamn TV with the Golden Dominatrix, the British are so naughty!

This weekend is a busy one for the Golden Dominatrix as she will be in character to present the new show for the YouTube and Vimeo Channels.

Today we interview a Brighton couple who have explored their kinky BDSM side and will share some intimate secrets from the Great British closet!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Tom Hardy. when I am done with you.....


Wednesday, 18 October 2017

#MeToo Epiphany no 1 Countess of Brighton and Hackney

The Great British Secret by Pasha du Valentine

Each character in the book is hiding a secret. The secrets are nothing to do with the sex party.

Each character is hiding something other than a rather liberal attitude and some secrets are rather more serious than others.

Murder, sexual kinks and exploits, dubious morals and secrets so deeply hidden in the past they are almost invisible.....

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Tea Break

Art by the Golden Dominatrix aka Pasha du Valentine

Doilies are all £35
If you want them encapsulated get in touch

The Dominatrix becomes a recluse

After a rather harrowing month of work even a Dominatrix of Amazonian proportions needs a rest.

The book is set for publication next spring and I must thank all the people who have offered to proof read it.....some I fear may not be able to string a sentence together!

GD is unable to communicate directly due to exhaustion of the mind but if you need some pain you know where she is...

Stay close and keep an eye. the will find her....
like a panther, like a viper 
beware the dreams 
you dare not dream

for she is near
and yet unseen  

(c) Pasha du Valentine 2017
all rights reserved

When Sainsbury tried to ban kissing!

....a blast from the past.....
My daughter and our friend Poppy kissing in protest
in Sainsbury's who had banned lesbian kissing
in the ailes of purity amongst the broccoli and fair trade!

Goddamn Media had organised a rebellious kiss
which made it to all the nationals.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Gun Domination

Vintage Dominance

Asserting dominance through gaze and open legs!
Easy when you know how.


When Only Art Will Do....

'When only art will do, only art will be done.......'

the Countess of Brighton and Hackney (c) 2017 Live performance chant

fan art by Nico